Lets-Sanify UK is one of the largest and most respected independent manufacturers of 100% natural and vegan chemical disinfectants
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ONE of London’s prestigious Clubs is trialling Let’s Sanify’s range of cleaning products.

Founder and director Mahmudur Jaigirdar met with executive chef Jonathan Oates in London.

The visit was a chance to talk about Let’s Sanify’s environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaning products.

Jag (pictured signing in at the National Libral Club) also demonstrated the effectiveness of the products with a scientific swab test.

Now Jonathan and his team at the National Liberal Club, will be trying the cleaning products in the club’s kitchen. The club is committed to the environment and sustainability.

The HOCL disinfectants and cleaning liquids are based upon the electrolysis of salt and purified water. Proven to be effective against 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses including Covid-19, E-COLI, MERS and SARS, they contain no alcohol or chemicals.

Founded in 1882 and opened by William Gladstone, one of the great Prime Ministers from the 19th century, the National Liberal Club, in Whitehall Place, just a short distance from the seat of Government, has more than 2,500 members.

It is housed in one of London’s most ornate buildings with a terrace overlooking the River Thames.

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