Lets-Sanify UK is one of the largest and most respected independent manufacturers of 100% natural and vegan chemical disinfectants
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THE Government is undermining its claimed green credentials by putting a barrier up against a natural and effective antiseptic that is harmless to the environment.

Not only that, but it is also being made in the UK by a business that is bringing the ‘green revolution’ to the home of the original industrial revolution.

Government is also putting a hurdle in the path of a British business pioneering the manufacturer of a potential medical and environmental game changer.

HOCL, is a highly effective disinfectant, scientifically proven to kill 99.999 per cent of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, E-COLI, MERS AND SARS.

It was discovered in 1834 but has been around since the dawn of time. HOCL is made by white blood cells in mammals, including humans to kill pathogens.

In the First World War, nurses made it in wards or at the bedside of soldiers to treat the injured, but the problem was that it had a very short shelf life, and this ruled out commercial manufacturing.

HOCL works by breaking down the cell walls of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses before destroying them.

Now scientists and engineers at LetsSanify in Tipton, in the West Midlands, have refined the production process, so it can be made in large volumes and with a shelf life of at least two years.

As well as being an effective antiseptic, the team have developed a family of HOCL based cleaning products for use in the home and industry. These range from domestic cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen and throughout the home to restaurants and other hospitality venues, to heavy duty cleaning in public transport, factories and offices.

The idea of the business sprang out of the Covid-19 pandemic when LetSanify founder Mahmudur Jaigirdar (pictured left) put together a team to turn a ‘good idea’ into a game changing commercial business.

Starting small and initially giving the product out, so people could see for themselves how good it is, the business is now very much at the next level.

LetSanify is working in partnership with Coler Medical, an international engineering company based in Tamworth. Coler Medical manufactures and sells a family of devices that use HOCL, ranging from small and held sprays that fit conveniently into a pocket or handbag, to wall mounted and mobile units dispensing the HOCL as a refreshing fine mist.

“I believe that we are pioneering a game changer for both health and medical that also can play a big part in creating a cleaner and safer environment, “said Karl Barker, managing director of Coler Supply Solutions (Int) Ltd.

It is selling to the NHS in Epsom in Surrey and is at an advanced stage in discussion with Christie’s Hospital in Manchester, one of the largest cancer units in Europe.

The products are also being sold to Monarch Care Services; a Midlands based care provider.

LetsSanify’s cleaning product is being used by a contractor working for Transport for London, whilst schools and hotels in the West Midlands are also placing regular orders.

As well as a growing list of customers in the UK, LetsSanify is seeing interest from overseas, already selling to Lulu group international, based in Abu Dhabi, that has over 230 stores in the Middle East.

LetsSanify has also set up a partnership with a Birmingham based business with offices throughout China and expects shortly to start taking orders into the Far East.

But whilst the business is looking global, it has not forgotten its roots in the Black Country, the home of the first industrial revolution and as far as possible uses locally based suppliers.

It is also very aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility and supplies its products free to a number of charities, including the Ronald McDonald accommodation at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and at 13 other locations around the UK.

These provide places for families to stay whilst children and young people are receiving treatment for cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

Protecting the environment for future generations is at the heart of the LetsSanify project.

There are no hazardous chemicals or alcohol used and it is harmless to the environment. It uses totally renewable ingredients, water and salt. It is vegan, organic, cruelty free and halal compliant.

It is gentle on the skin and completely safe to use in food preparation areas and can even be safely sprayed onto food.

Because HOCL is non-hazardous, it is safe to store and transport, is non-combustible and can be used to extinguish fires.

HOCL is also highly competitive on price with traditional alcohol and chemical based sanitisers.

However, Government rules ban it from being described as a sanitiser. According to the regulations, a ‘sanitiser’ must contain alcohol.

This has nothing to do with the science.

Therefore, LetsSanify must describe its disinfectant as an antiseptic hand rub.

“There appears to be no logic or science behind this rule,” said Mahmudur Jaigirdar.

“This is a highly effective alternative to alcohol and chemical based products. It is totally harmless to the environment and uses entirely natural products.

“We are a British business pioneering a green revolution in the original home of the industrial revolution. Yet we must deal with this kind of bureaucracy that I suspect has everything to do with the lobbying power of big business.

“The Government claims to be committed to the green agenda but this suggests otherwise.”

It is not only the environment that is being protected but also British jobs. With huge potential for expansion there is the opportunity to create thousands of green UK jobs.

This is an opportunity to help revitalise an area that has suffered greatly from the decline of traditional UK engineering and manufacturing.

“We are bringing the second industrial revolution to the cradle of the original industrial revolution with green and sustainable products,” said Mahmudur Jaigirdar.

Now it is time for Government to step up, back British business and make a commitment to its environment agenda, demonstrating that the rhetoric is more than ‘greenwashing.’

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